a sun a white cloud a white cloude a couple dancing and holding bottles of mineragua a cloud with a set of arms running a dj table a white cloud a white cloud a message from a megaphone that says 'we stand for clean, crisp and feel good refreshment' a megaphone
blue waves with white crests
bubbles more bubbles a sail boat made from a red shoe a submarine made from a rubber duck a green star with the message 'we proudly enable your spark for life and adventure' a graphic that says 'mineragua helps you get your fizz' a blue shark sand dunes with cacti and a minergua bottle stuck in the sand a bottle of mineragua a man parachuting. on the parachute it says 'mineragua is a fun, fizzy sparkling water' a scuba diver holding a bottle of mineragua
title of the recipes section 'recipes'
indicator that says 'swipe'
a camera large enough that the strap serves as a hammock for a girl who is swinging in it indicator that says 'scroll'